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Armouring Machine
Rigid Armouring Machines are used for making Armoured Cables.
The Machine is used for Round Wire and Flat/Strip Armouring on Power Cables and Control Cables. The Armour Wire can be GI Wires or of Aluminium or Copper . The Machine can also be used for Screening purpose. Armouring Machines are manufactured in Single Cage or Dual Cage Configurations. Different Taping Heads can also be installed on the Armouring Machine
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Main features

  • Self supporting rigid rotor design
  • High efficiency and speed
  • Single or Multi cage Assembly
  • Batch Loading ( Side Bottom Loading) is also provided with Automatic Pintle Locking
  • Bobbins mounted on hardened pintles
  • Line drive by A.C. or D.C. motors with electronic or mechanical synchronization between line components.
  • Special Lay plate Arrangement
  • Multi Speed Special Gear Boxes
  • Heavy Duty Single, Taper Capstan with Fleet Ring
  • Tandem type Stranding Cum Armouring Machines
  • HMI /PLC Equipped (optional)
  • Range of Taping Heads as per customer requirement
  • Range of Takeups and Payoffs Available
  • Range of Taping Heads Available
  • Easy Lay Setting

Model Wire Dia Rotor Speed (Rpm) (Max) Bobbin Size Driven Motors ( Kw)
SMEPL/ARM/48 1-5 mm 150/130 450/500/560/630 50
SMEPL/ARM/54 1-5 mm 130/110 450/500/560/630 60
SMEPL/ARM/72 1-5 mm 100/80 450/500/560/630 100
SMEPL/ARM/96 1-5 mm 80/60 450/500/560/630 150
Note :
Since the Machines undergoes continues changes we reserve the right to modify the details These Machine are Manufactured in Various Bobbin Size as Per DIN Stand.

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