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Rigid Stranding Lines
The machine is used for stranding Copper, Steel and Aluminum. Stranding unilay and reverse concentric, round, compressed, compacted or sector shaped (straight or prespiralled ) conductors to be used for Cable Manufacturing or for Over Head Conductors
Rigid Stranding Lines are ideal machine for making conductors of larger sizes for LV/MV/HV Power Cables and Over Head Conductors ( AAC/AAAC/ACSR). The Machine is also provided with Automatic Batch Loading System with Auto Pintle Locking and Auto Tension Control
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Product Range

  • Self supporting rigid rotor design for 1+6+12+18+24+30+36 Bobbins(Assorted Configurations )
  • Various Bobbin sizes as per DIN standards
  • High efficiency and speed
  • Bobbins mounted on heavy duty hardened pintles
  • Batch Loading ( Side Bottom Loading) for each of the Cages with Automatic Pintle Locking
  • Automatic Tension Control on the Wires
  • Line drive by A.C. or D.C. motors with electronic or mechanical synchronization between line components.
  • Multi Speed Special Gear Boxes for each cage
  • Line Shaft Transmission Or Independent Drive System with Infinite Lay Setting
  • Heavy Duty Grooved, Dual Capstans for different configuration
  • Disk type Pneumatic brake for Each Cage.
  • Instant Stop on Wire Breakage
  • HMI /PLC Equipped
  • Easy Lay Setting
  • Range of Takeups and Payoffs available
  • Pre Former and Post Former Heads
  • Pre Spiralling

Model Wire Dia Max Rotor Speed(Rpm) Bobbin Size Driven Motors (Kw)
SMEPL/RS/(1+12+18) 1.3mm-4.77 mm 230/210/190 500/560/630 60
SMEPL/RS/(1+6+12+18) 1.3mm-4.77 mm 250/230/210 500/560/630 60
SMEPL/RS/(1+12+18+24) 1.3mm-4.77 mm 230/210/190 500/560/630 75
SMEPL/RS/(1+6+12+18+24) 1.3mm-4.77 mm 250/230/210 500/560/630 100
SMEPL/RS/(1+6+12+18+24+30) 1.3mm-4.77 mm 250/230/210 500/560/630 150

Note :
Since the Machines undergoes continues changes we reserve the right to modify the details These Machine are Manufactured in Various Bobbin Size as Per DIN Stand.

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