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Drum Twister
High Speed Production Line for Laying Up of LT/HT Cables
The Drum Twister line is used for Laying-up of low and high voltage cables both circular / sector either Aluminium or Copper material. It can also be used for round Wire Armouring.
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Main features

  • Independent Electronic Synchronization of Complete Line
  • Rotating Caterpillar and Rotating Die Box
  • PLC Controlled Production Line
  • Auto Sector Correction Unit
  • Dual Taping and Binder Head
  • Rotating Payoffs as per Requirement
  • High Production Line
  • Payoff Range from 800MM-2000MM Drums
  • Rotating Takeup- 800MM – 2600MM
  • Low Voltage Round and Sector Cables Laying
  • Ariel Bunched Cables Laying
  • High Voltage Cable Laying with Rotating Die Box
  • Pre Spiral Laying of Cables
  • Milliken Conductor Stranding
  • Control / Instrumentation Cable Laying
  • Telephone Cable Pair Laying

Model Rotating Payoff Size (MM) Rotating Takeup Size ( MM) Rotating Catterpillar Contact Length ( MM) MAX RPM
SMEPL/DT/1250/1600 1250 1600 1500 75
SMEPL/DT/1600/2000 1600 2000 1500 60
SMEPL/DT/1600/2200 1600 2200 1500 50
SMEPL/DT/1600/2600 1600 2600 2000 40
SMEPL/DT/2600/2600 1600 2600 2000 40
Note :
Since the Machines undergoes continues changes we reserve the right to modify the details These Machine are Manufactured in Various Bobbin Size as Per DIN Stand.

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